"Are YOU Thinking About Dermal Fillers in Brighton, (Melbourne Bayside)?"

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"Are You Thinking of Dermal Filler But fear Pain, Complications or Looking Fake?"

SIX Promises You Must DEMAND From YOUR Dermal Filler Clinic.

Deciding to have Cosmetic Treatments is easy.

Deciding where to have it takes CAREFUL consideration

You may
feel a little confused, even overwhelmed..

But choosing a cosmetic clinic for your dermal filler or other treatments isn't complicated. But it does require careful thought and
focused attention – because nowadays, there are so many places that ‘do’
cosmetic injections
. Sadly, many are illegal. Yet they each tout similar
messages: ‘years of experience,’ ‘great reputation,’ “qualified” injector,
'affordable price' ….

So how do YOU know who to trust with YOUR face?
Wherever you are in Australia, it can be good to rely on word of mouth from your
friends and community. It is great if you find a genuine, accredited cosmetic clinic
that is thriving because this has been built on the members
who feel loyal, people who feel dedicated, who HAPPILY send in their family members and friends.

But we
also understand that you wouldn’t make the smartest choice based on
just because everyone else is doing it….

* * * * *

So, our goal is to help you and our other prospective cosmetic patients identify
specific points that will give you peace of mind when choosing a cosmetic clinic.
Sure, we might like you to choose Bayside Swan Skin Clinic - but we understand
that different features are important to different people.

So wherever you are in Australia, if you want to know how to SAFELY
choose the right cosmetic doctor for YOU then you will FIRSTLY want to

ask the following six CRITICAL questions

to help you screen out illegal injectors or bodgy places or cosmetic ‘clinics’ that aren’t
up to scratch because you (like me) ALWAYS want to
feel confident in every decision you ever make.

So, always ask:

1. "Will I Get My Prescription?"
"Will I Be Assessed AND Treated By A Cosmetic Doctor?"
"Does Your Doctor Have A Good Record? What’s His/Her Medical Board (AHPRA) Registration Number?"
"Is Your Clinic Accredited? What is Your Government QPA Number?"
"If Things Go Wrong, Is Your Doctor Right There, In-House, FIVE Days/Week?"
"Does Your Doctor Train Overseas At Least 3-4x / Year With The World’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons?"

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Dr Gary Eldridge